DJ Yanase

The Writeup

Born in Japan and now a resident of Toronto, DJ Yanase has over 10 years of turning dance floors into bumping shaking grounds of adrenaline. No matter the genre or the crowd, DJ Yanase is sure to hit all the right spots with a smooth mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Break Beats, and House. Trained by a variety of professional DJs in Japan, DJ Yanase transitions and scratches tracks like he was born on the turntable.

Among the “parents” that brought up DJ Yanase are DJ Hasebe, DJ Kango, DJ Sah, and DJ Hazime; each a part of the roster of active artists within Tokyo’s legendary Club Harlem.

When outside of the club, one can catch DJ Yanase along the streets of Toronto in a style that lovers of Supreme, Atomos, and Head Porter envy.

During the day, one can find him in the kitchen cooking up a storm and pleasing the eyes and palate just as well as he pleases the ear.

There is no doubt that DJ Yanase will be one of the upcoming names to remember.

The Music