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The Writeup

Derrick M., otherwise known as D-Smooth, is a Toronto, Canada, based DJ that has created an illustrious career, by playing the hottest hits at venues / events across Canada and internationally. As a Red Bull Thre3style veteran (2014 East Coast Canadian Champ) and through hard work, D-Smooth has positioned himself to be a highly prized DJ, by garnishing the respect of his industry peers.

Since 1995, D-Smooth has been performing at nightclubs, private parties, festivals and corporate events demonstrating his extraordinary talent of seamlessly mixing and blending a wide range of genres from Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soul, House, Reggae, Electro and Dance. As a pioneer to the online game, D-Smooth transformed the way music was consumed, by streaming live-recorded mixes on the Internet for his loyal online list of hungry enthusiasts. In 2003, D created UpJumpsDaBoogie.com to house his critically acclaimed classic mix tapes such as; “A tribute to fallen artists”, “Real Smooth”, “General Consensus” and “Ear Candy” and as well as a venue to his live mixes. Since then, D-Smooth has built an impressive resume, by launching countless episodes of mixes and podcasts that further grew his online following.

Through experience, D-Smooth has mastered the art of creating a vibrant environment. As a DJ, he has managed to intuitively plug himself into his audience, gain an understanding of what they want to hear – chop it, screw it, mix it, blend it and then serve it up. Every time D performs at an event, he understands his job and he executes it with absolute professionalism.

Even though D-Smooth has achieved remarkable accomplishments, he works hard every day, striving to increase his brand awareness, showcase his superior product and to share with the world a raw unadulterated talent.

D-Smooth is willing to partner with you, to create events that will not only satisfy your audience; but also, leave them wanting more.

The Music

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The Shows

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