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The Writeup

My name’s Brett Pace. I’m a 24 year old DJ/Producer residing in Toronto Ontario. Although I’m one of the youngest members of Foreign City, music has been in my blood from a young age. I grew up obsessed with listening to classic rock records and took up guitar and percussion lessons at age 6 learning to read and write music.

By age 15 I was self educated in almost all genres and had an impressive music library. I started DJ’ing at my high school’s parties and recording my mixes, after receiving positive feedback from friends and even local DJ’s I was hooked.

It was something I always worked hard at but never felt like work to me. When I first started performing in clubs I focused on specializing in mainly house and upbeat electronic music. Since I enjoyed so many genres of music I later decided to become an open format DJ. My sets are full of positive energy and I don’t like to discriminate any type of music, if it fits the vibe, I play it.

This has allowed me the opportunity to perform and hold residencies at some of Toronto’s most prestigious clubs. Also at many of Toronto’s major sporting team events, including the Leafs, Raptors, TFC and Blue Jay’s games. I have also been fortunate to take my passion international and perform at venues in countries such as Italy, Spain, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia.

To me this is just the beginning, I often get asked why I always have a big smile on my face and it’s because I love what I do and look forward to bettering myself every night and spreading positive vibes.

The Music

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