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“Music is not just background noise, its life!“

That’s the motto of the legendary Asuka Jade. DJ, producer, writer, and motivational speaker, Asuka Jade Fujiyama, was born in Kagoshima, Japan, to a musical family. Her father, a talented guitarist and singer, and mother shared their love of music with their daughter. Growing up in a musically gifted family it was easy for her mother to notice Asuka Jade was born with a special gift. At just one year old she could already play melodies by ear. With this discovery Asuka Jade’s parents bought her first ever piano, hoping to nurture and grow her innate talent further. She continued to study classical piano throughout her childhood, but that wasn’t where her musical abilities stopped.

Asuka Jade migrated to North America at the age of five in 1987; an iconic decade for music. It was 1988 when she first encountered the American culture of turntablism, her musical ears acted as a sponge soaking up all of these new and unique sounds. She quotes memories of making her own mixtapes where she tried to recreate mixes she heard on the radio using cassette tapes. This love and passion for creating interesting music never halted and throughout her teenage years Asuka Jade took up DJing as a hobby. She moved to the U.S where she started her career becoming actively involved in radio, festival, and concert promotions for artists such as: Al Green, George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic , and Snoop Dagg. In 2004, she returned to Canada to pursue a career in Montreal’s renowned food and nightlife scene where she eventually took her return to the turntables, rocking the crowds ever since.

Now residing in Toronto, Asuka Jade’s knowledge and versatility is what makes her stand out in the music industry. Over the years she has had the opportunity to perform at concerts, festivals, nightclubs, 5 star hotels, restaurants, and non profit organizations across Canada. Asuka Jade has worked alongside celebrities such as The Jackson 5, Lauryn Hill, and Celine Dion. Playing everything from the 60’s to now: Motown, Soul, Funk, Disco, House, Hip Hop,R&B, Jazz, Salsa, Mererague, Bachata, Moombahton, Pop, Classic rock, Alternative, and so much more. To dateAsuka Jade is called back annually for world renowned events such as: Grand Prix Formula 1, Montreal Jazz Festival, and Just For Laughs Festival.

Asuka Jade’s passion lies within the music. No matter the event, making every single one of your moments memorable matters.

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