…A long way from home, taking the road less traveled.

Lost somewhere in the sonic highways of over produced smoke and lasers we found an opportunity… We are not an overblown production relying on cheap flash and hyperbolic pageantry. We are a collective of diverse and versatile deejays that have banded together under a common goal: putting music first.

We are deejays driven by an earnest passion for the art form, our music, and have genuine desire to put on a true performance for an audience’s enjoyment. Lost somewhere in the sonic highways of over produced smoke and lasers we found an opportunity.

Thus, we started Foreign City: A creative collaboration that places primary focus on crafting an immersive, modern, and cutting edge entertainment experience – for a wide range of events. From high-profile corporate functions, to the heartbeat of nightlife.

Like the surreal feeling one gets arriving in a new far-off place they’ve before only read about – Foreign City is an alluring endeavour into a unique experience. Don’t just see the ‘Foreign City’ – Live it.


For Work

  • Corporate Events
  • Retail Performances

At Play

  • Private Parties
  • Nightclub Performances

To Launch

  • Weddings
  • Brand Activations

When Active

  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Events

Ryan Horne

I am a DJ, a producer, a remixer, a husband, a lover of art and culture. I ply my trade in the beautiful city of Toronto, where night life is booming and home grown music thrives. In 2001 I sold my bass guitar, bought my first pair of turntables, and started a journey I could not have predicted. On any given day you can find me in the heart of the club district throwing it down, curating a unique funk/ pop sound in a bar, creating a exciting experience for corporate clients, or preparing music for the week’s bookings. I love what I do and consider myself very blessed to be where I am.

Every booking presents a unique chance to entertain. Every minute of an event needs the right music to match. This is the art of DJ’ing and my core philosophy as a selector. Atmosphere is dynamic. Its my job to shape it in a way that matches my clients expectations and excites my audience.

More about me:

  • DJ’ing since 2001
  • President of DJ Collective Foreign City Music Inc.
  • Official DJ of King of the Dot Entertainment
  • One half of the production duo “Lincoln Baio”
  • Remixer, contributing to world renown DJ pools such as DJ City, Beat Junkies, & Low Key
  • Live event AV producer
  • Turntablist
Creative Director

Cale Granton

US/Canadian Music Producer and DJ, Cale Granton was introduced to the music world at an early age. Inspired by the art form of presenting music to a crowd with two turntables, he quickly decided to contribute himself. Starting out recording and selling mix tapes in high school, lead to performing weekly dj sets in crowded nightclubs at the age of 17. Many years of experience and dedication to his craft has lead to working on a global scale.

He is known by an international audience for his open format style and ability to rock crowds abroad. Between performing in night clubs and being creative in the studio, Cale Granton is a humanitarian and ambassador of positive vibes. His tireless work ethic and keen ear has led to working alongside some of Canada’s top musical talents such as Drake, Classified, Kardinal Offishall & Alexis On Fire including providing music for sports franchises such as The Toronto Raptors and MLS Soccer team Toronto FC.

Cale Granton has also recently been named as The Official DJ for The Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey team. Currently residing out of downtown Toronto, he can be often found managing the dance floor inside the some of city’s hottest and most exclusive parties. An extensive music background embracing many styles & genres gives Cale Granton the ability to please the ears of his listeners and live audiences.

Operations Director

Nathaniel Ramta

With a passion for music and all things acoustic, Nathaniel has built a well-known and dynamic reputation as a respected DJ in Toronto, and across the GTA. Hailing from a family where music runs through their veins, Nathaniel’s intuition for mixing lyrics, tempo, vibe and beats, allows him to effortlessly elevate a crowd to a state of foreign euphoria.

Professional, humble and down to earth, nothing stops him from taking his art to a new level. Keeping abreast with local, new and emerging talent, Nathaniel keeps his finger on the pulse. Specializing in hip hop, funk & soul, house, top 40, and retro, he blends a full flavoured array of past, present and future.

His passion and dedication to music over the past 25 years has helped him develop an unbreakable focus and attention to detail; he will spend the time and go the extra mile to ensure premium quality and client satisfaction. From safeguarding high-quality sound to understanding acoustic design for performance spaces, Nathaniel crafts a smooth and superior delivery of music for live performances.

Nathaniel’s expertise and knowledge in providing a company’s or brand’s vision through music, audio and video experience, will undoubtedly continue to attract international and large scale crowds’ attention.